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How to Manage Your Road Rage
   Published July 11, 2019

Every day, millions of people get behind the wheel of a car. Every one of these people is fallible and can make mistakes that put others in danger or risk accident. We can get emotional in such situations, and some may feel the need to educate the offender by perhaps lifting a middle finger and launching into a tirade of shouted epithets laced with salty invective.

They just experienced road rage. And they are not alone. Over 50% of all drivers who are the recipients of aggressive  Read More
Michigan Laws and Basic Road Rules Refresher
   Published June 14, 2019
In Michigan in 2018, 312,798 traffic crashes were reported. 974 people lost their lives, according to government data.

Knowing the rules of the road will help to ensure that the statistics for this year do not include you, your family, or anyone you know.

No matter how old you are, you can never know too much of the knowledge that keeps you, your passengers, and pedestrians safe and alive when you drive in Michigan. Letís go over some of the basic road rules that you must know to be a  Read More
The Perfect (and Affordable) Summer Road Trip for A Weekend in Michigan
   Published May 29, 2019
As a car owner, you know that one of the most enjoyable things to do is take your vehicle on an adventure. The problem is that we so rarely have time to set aside for an extended road trip. Luckily, there are so many great places to visit in Michigan that you donít have to travel too far to get somewhere fun. So if you are looking to hit the open road this summer, but donít have a specific destination in mind: read on.

One great road to travel through in Michigan is M21. Also known as The  Read More
My Nontraditional Approach to Buying a New Used Car: An Editorial
   Published May 9, 2019
In my most recent quest to buy a new car, I was counseled and advised by many on how best to navigate the process. The notion of, ďgetting a good deal,Ē and ďnot paying too much,Ē monopolized the conversation and price seemed to be the overall focal point. Some encouraged me to pay the most attention to mileage and car history ó touting off information about Carfax and credit scores ó and others directed me towards maintenance costs and specs. Of course, all of this information was helpful and  Read More
How to Stock Your Car for Spring
   Published March 20, 2019
Spring is just around the corner and itís that time of year when the deep cleaning commences, especially when it comes to your car. There is no better feeling than driving in the warm spring weather after cleaning out your vehicle. But before you head out for a windows-down adventure, consider some necessities you wonít want to find yourself without on the road.

Picnic Supplies and Spare ClothesIf are planning any long drives or road trips this Spring, you will want to be prepared should  Read More
How to Manage Pothole Season
   Published March 13, 2019
Every driverís worst nightmares are those tire-blowing potholes that just donít seem to ever get fixed, but have you ever wondered why spring is considered pothole season?

When Is Pothole Season? During the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the ďfreeze and thawĒ cycle begins. Temperatures warm up enough during the day to melt snow and ice to form puddles. Then, with the temperature often dropping below freezing at night, it causes the water that seeped into the cracks to freeze.  Read More
Your Auto Insurance Options: Explained
   Published February 18, 2019
Shopping for car insurance can be a daunting task. How do you know what type of insurance you need? What is required by your state? What is required by your lender? Are there ways to save money and still have the right amount of coverage? Listed below are the five types of car insurance coverages available. We have also provided a few scenarios that describe situations in which you might benefit from having additional, non-required coverage added to your policy. Depending on your vehicle and  Read More
Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving
   Published February 18, 2019
Anyone who has driven a vehicle on the public roadways knows that there a number of ways a driver may become distracted. Texting and driving, talking on your cell phone, applying make-up, eating, and other people in the car are all examples of how one could easily have their attention diverted. If the temptation to take your eyes off the road feels all too familiar, here are 8 ways you can help yourself avoid distractions.

Remember: Youíre Going Faster than You Think
You may be surprised to  Read More
Understanding The Difference Between Summer and Winter Gasoline
   Published February 12, 2019
You may not even realize that Federal regulations require producers of gasoline to provide different formulations of it at different times of the year, but that is exactly the case. The ultimate goal of this is to improve the drivability of vehicles as well as to protect the environment.

The difference between summer and winter blend gasoline involves the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) of the fuel. (Donít be scared off! The concept of this very technical, ďsciencyĒ term is actually quite simple  Read More
What Happens if You Canít Avoid a Deer Collision
   Published January 21, 2019
It should come as no surprise that the Michigan deer population is sizable. In fact, there are close to two million deer wandering the forests of this state and each year, nearly 50,000 reported vehicle-deer crashes are reported. About 80 percent of these crashes occur on two-lane roads between dusk and dawn.

While there are precautions to take to avoid a deer-strike collision, we have also outlined the proper protocol to follow should you end up in the less fortunate  Read More
Three Winter Driving Myths Debunked
   Published January 2, 2019
As winter approaches, it is a good idea to get your car ready for snow, freezing rain and cold conditions. As you prepare for the reason, it is important to consider some commonly held myths about winter driving ó most of which are benign, but some others are outright dangerous. Letís consider (and debunk) the following three winter driving myths.

All Wheel Drive Vehicles are Invincible in the SnowThis is a common myth, but one we think needs serious debunking. Many drivers who have  Read More
Thanksgiving Road Trip Tips
   Published November 21, 2018
Planning to hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit with family and friends? You wonít be alone. The AAA forecasts over 40 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. And given that gasoline prices are at their lowest levels since April, down 32 cents in Michigan, itís likely that there could be a record number of drivers on the road this year. Before you embark, please consider the following tips to help ensure a safe,  Read More
How Do You Determine the Value of my Trade-In?
   Published October 30, 2018
In moving out of a used car in anticipation of purchasing a newer model, most people basically have three options: they can give it away (child, friend or charity), they can try to sell it themselves, or they can trade it into the dealership.

We'll concentrate on the second two choices as the first option isn't within the scope of this article.

When selling to a private party, it's an exchange that's part emotional and part economics. The buyer may like you and be willing to meet your price because you seem trustworthy, for example.  Read More
Color Changing Tour Road Trip
   Published October 24, 2018
Residents of West Michigan are thrilled by the abundance of color as forests take on their autumn palette. Starting in 1937, at the beginning of families using automobiles for pleasure trips, the Western Michigan Tourist Authority printed a full-color tour map entitled the Flaming Forests of Michigan. Then as today, it provides an excellent guide to view some of nature's true magic. But there's more to autumn in our area than viewing the colors. We've collected a number of stopping points that  Read More
Can I Negotiate the Price with a Used Car Dealer
   Published October 2, 2018
The answer, in short, is yes. What you need to be aware of, though, is that unlike new cars, used cars donít provide the dealer with below the line, off the sticker discounts and incentives based on reaching sales goals. When buying a used car itís a simple equation of what it cost the dealer to acquire the vehicle, what costs were incurred in making the vehicle fit for sale, and how much the dealer needs to make to keep the lights on and the doors open. Then the dealer adds a buffer to that  Read More
Seven New Hacks Thatíll Upgrade Your Next Tail Gate Party
   Published August 31, 2018
Tailgating has evolved from a primal art formed largely by the elements of the Paleo diet plus fire. Itís now expanded to include mixed drinks, lobster tails, and shrimp cocktails. Regardless of whether your tail gate parties are meat-and beer only affairs or that they appeared to have been catered her are some of the hottest hacks for  Read More
10 Fastest Depreciating New Cars
   Published August 28, 2018
Can you imagine digging through the details of more than 4.1 million car sales just to determine which 10 cars depreciated the most over three years? Yeah, me neither. But thankfully there are groups willing to do so, and more importantly, willing to share the results of their  Read More
How Can I Determine my FICO Credit Score Before I Start Car Shopping?
   Published August 10, 2018
Youíve probably heard the term FICO score and while you know it has an impact on your credit, you may not know exactly where it comes from and how itís generated. FICO stands for the initials of the company that developed the scoring system Fair Isaac Company, the last names of the two founders.

A measure of credit risk, FICO scores are calculated through the three major consumer reporting agencies in the United States: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion based on your credit history as  Read More
How to Determine Your Budget for Purchasing a Used Car
   Published July 24, 2018
Financial experts agree that the key in purchasing any car, truck, or SUV, is to understand the total amount of money that youíll spend owning the vehicle. The concept is called Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and is a financial estimate that helps consumers determine the full and total costs of owning a car, truck, or SUV.

TCO goes beyond the initial purchase price to consider the full cost of a car, truck, or SUV over the time that you own it. A TCO analysis often shows there can be a  Read More
What is GAP Insurance and Why Should I Have It?
   Published May 29, 2018
Nothing exceeds the excitement you feel when you purchase your new car, truck, or SUV. You imagine the trips youíll take, the fun youíll have and what the neighbors will think when you pull into your driveway. The last thing you want to think about is what will happen if your new vehicle is stolen or damaged in an  Read More