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Why Buy from Best Buy Used Cars

I. Family Owned and Operated in Grand Rapids for Over 30 Years

Felix and Anna Messina, immigrants from Sicily, founded Best Buy Used Cars in the early 1980's looking to make a better life for their young family. Since that time, Best Buy Used Cars has operated in the greater Grand Rapids area, helping the citizens of West Michigan find quality pre-owned vehicles. After attending Kentwood Public Schools, the second generation of the Messinas now run the day to day operations of the business, with the entire family still maintaining their residences and close relationships with Grand Rapids and its immediate suburbs. Throughout its thirty years of continuous operation, the Messinas and Best Buy have actively participated in their community by employing hundreds of local workers, contributing to local charities and striving to make their customers have a positive car buying experience that is mutually beneficial to all involved. The Messinas are proud of the legacy they built with Best Buy Used Cars and hope to see their grandchildren and their business continue to grow in such a wonderful area.

II. Proudly Independent

Since its inception, Best Buy Used Cars has been independent. Best Buy Used Cars is not affiliated with any national brand or dealership. This allows Best Buy Used Cars to offer a wide range of vehicles, SUV's, trucks, classics, and exotics that cannot be found at other car dealerships in the area. Furthermore, Best Buy's independence allows it to make decisions on its own, without answering to large corporate directives. This independence benefits the customers because Best Buy can purchase any type of vehicle from any source, allowing it to maximize savings on inventory--savings that are passed on to Best Buy's customers. In addition, Best Buy does not need to support national advertising campaigns, manufacturer directed promotions, or other manufacturer affiliated businesses that raise expenses. This independence from the manufacturers allows Best Buy Used Cars to pass further savings on to its customers. Most importantly, Best Buy's independence allows it to have real relationships with its customers that are genuine and long-lasting. Unlike many large corporations, the owners of the business are almost always present and there are real people that stand behind the vehicles Best Buy sells.

III. Best Buy Celebrates Being Different

Just step into Best Buy Used Cars and you will quickly realize they do things differently. At Best Buy Used Cars, they recognize that every person that comes to their business is an individual with different needs and desires. Not only does Best Buy strive to have a quality vehicle for every single person that visits its store by carrying as many makes and models as possible, but Best Buy recognizes that every person also has different financial needs. That is why Best Buy Used Cars actively tries to work with a variety of local and national lenders that allow Best Buy to provide customers with panoply of credit options that range from extremely low interest rates to credit building programs. Additionally, Best Buy celebrates the diversity that is thriving in West Michigan. Best Buy sincerely welcomes people of all nationalities, religions, races, creeds and sexual orientations to its store. If you have shopped for a car and feel like your experience is always the same and nobody respects you as an individual, try Best Buy Used Cars because we recognize you are different and we are proud to be different too.